Google Adds Spam Detection And Verified Business SMS To Messages

When you receive a message from a business that is verified, you are going to see a verification badge, emblem and the company name in the message thread.

Businesses must sign up to use Verified SMS, and up to now, SoFi, Banco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback and 1-800-Flowers are on-board.

Verified SMS is currently rolling out in the US, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Mexico, Philippines, Spain and the UK.

Google can also be adding junk detection. It will demonstrate a spam warning in Messages when Google suspects there is a message crap or phishy.

You can help enhance the attribute by reporting junk texts and vouching for texts from businesses.

Businesses send one-time passwords, account alerts and appointment confirmations through text. But if you received one of these, you know they tend to come from a number, by disguising phishing scams because among those 38, and actors can take advantage of this.

To protect consumers, Google will verify SMS messages. All of this is also to the Rich Communication Services (RCS) which Google introduced last month.

Thanks to this feature, Android users at the united states can get Messages perks, such as being able to talk about Wi-Fi, send messages that are high quality and get read receipts.


Edna Gonzalez

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