Microsoft Will End Support For Windows 10 Mobile Office Apps In 2021

Due to the shortage of security upgrades, we strongly urge that in the event that you want to use Office on a telephone you transition into the hottest Microsoft Office programs in an iOS or even Android telephone,” Bill Doll, senior product marketing director for Office programs strategy at Microsoft advocated.

The end is nigh for Windows 10 Mobile. We knew that technical assistance for the cellular operating system could end on December 10th, 2019 (yep, that is tomorrow).

We have an official date to its Windows 10 Mobile Office programs January 12th, 2021.

From there onwards, the software package — such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote — will not get any bug fixes, security updates and technical assistance.

You will not have the ability to install them on any apparatus that are new, although the programs will still operate, Microsoft supported.

The statement is not a surprise that is massive. Windows 10 Mobile has been a flop and it has been years since Microsoft introduced a Lumia smartphone.

The platform is being retired and that comprises any programs that are Microsoft-made. If you are still clinging to some Lumia 950 you’ve got yet another year-or-so imagine what might have been and to poke round the Office programs.

We’re prepared to proceed and adopt the dual-screen , future of Microsoft. We are going to miss a few of the crazier thoughts of this platform, such as Continuum — there is a theory Samsung currently maintaining living — but little else. Goodbye, old friend.

Terri Sheridan

Author: Terri Sheridan

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