Carrier Services Update Brings RCS Messaging To More Android Phones

Carrier Services 32.0.283645144 is rolling out now through the Google Play Store. Let us know and if the Carrier providers update brings RCS for your phone.

Google introduced plans to deliver RCS to all Android mobiles in the United States, scheduled to roll out within the following weeks last month.

A new update to Carrier Services appears to immediately enable RCS such as Google Pixel phones, on some Android devices today.

Once RCS messaging becomes available, you will be greeted by a prompt next time you start Google Messages, letting you know”Messages just got better” and inviting you to test out the chat features.

Once you and your conversation partner have RCS chat features enabled, your previously SMS-only conversation is going to be updated with new features like larger image sizes, typing indexes, and read receipts.

Beginning with the UK and France, the carriers were jumped by Google and introduced RCS messaging to Android phones.

Not long afterwards, their strategy to skip United States carriers in the exact same style was formalized by Google, with the roll out to happen over the coming weeks.

Carriers have stymied google’s ambitions with the Chat initiative for RCS both in the USA and overseas.

Those carriers have been unwilling to put the effort to the new technology in a sensible period of time.

This afternoon, an update arrived for the carrier services program, bringing it up to version 32.0.283645144.

In our testing on multiple Google Pixel apparatus, installing this update immediately triggers RCS messaging via the Google Messages app’s availability.

The most recent update for Google Messages can be demanded.

Niambe James

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