Google Chrome To Built-In QR Code Generator

A flag has emerged that is labeled for sharing websites using a QR code.

The attribute is hidden behind a flag in Chrome Canary and When empowered, isn’t functional.

Google also included a Download button to the QR code interface that means Chrome users could have an extremely handy new way to generate QR codes for purposes other than direct sharing.

Direct an individual’s telephone to that website as soon as the QR code has been scanned.

The choice to right-click and send pages to your linked devices is easier, but this feature would function better with apparatus owned by other individuals.

In traditional Google style, it seems like those QR codes might have a tiny bit of flair. According to a commit, Google wants to put the notorious offline dino into the middle or QR codes created by Chrome.

Google Chrome has recently picked up some convenient techniques to send content to your mobile and it appears to be working on a different. Google is preparing a new option to share webpages using QR codes.

Kelsey Allen

Author: Kelsey Allen

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